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This information is to help identify which of our four groups would best suit you on your first ride with our club. It is important we place you in the right group so that your first experience with the club will be of a positive nature.

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What type of cycling have you done in the past? *
Road Riding
Road Racing
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What style of bike are you intending to ride? *
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Touring Bike
Road/Racing Bike
Flat Bar Road Bike
700C Hybrid Road Bike
Touring Bike
What is your average speed whilst cycling? * Please consider lowering your average a few km/h if it's based on Beach Rd riding. Most MDBC riding involves hills!!
18-21 km/h
22-25 km/h
26-28 km/h
28-30 km/h
30+ km/h
What is your approx time up the 1:20 (Mountain Hwy to Sassafras)? *
What is a longer distance, that you might normally ride? *
How often do you ride? *
Briefly tell us about the type of riding you do and some of the rides that you have done? Include any other questions you may have. *
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